Endorsing Liberty Candidates

RLCWALC may choose to formally endorse National, State or local Lewis County candidates. To prevent redundancy with National and State RLC groups, we focus predominately on local issues and candidates.

Our candidates are vetted carefully by our members before the decision to endorse them is made. We welcome public input regarding any given candidate, and attempt to involve candidates in our public events so all members of the community have a chance to hear their platforms and discuss issues.

A candidate does not have to be a member of RLC at any level to be endorsed by us. He or she simply has to uphold the law and spirit of the US Constitution and the principles of liberty.

Once a candidate is chosen for endorsement, RLCWALC members may also formally help advance the candidate’s campaign by phone banking, distributing literature, endorsing him or her at local events, and any other available means.

     See our list of endorsed Lewis County Candidates.

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     See RLC candidates Nationwide.

If you are running for local office and would like us to consider endorsing your campaign, please email our Chairman.