Resolutions for Liberty

Resolutions are one way RLCWALC directly influences our local Republican Party. We take the initiative by clarifying the stance we would like to see the Lewis County Republican Party (LCRP) adopt regarding a given subject, then offer the completed resolution up for discussion and scrutiny by the LCRP board and members. Eventually voting members (PCOs) choose to adopt or reject a resolution. If adopted, the resolution becomes official LCRP stance. To date the response has been overwhelmingly positive; here in Lewis County at least, our Republican neighbors clearly share our passion for limited government and individual liberty.

The following RLCWALC resolutions have been adopted by the Lewis County Republicans with near-unanimous support:

     Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21 – Adopted 09 September 2013

     Resolution to Affirm Our Right to Consent to Taxation – Adopted 09 September 2013

     Resolution to Affirm the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

Resolutions which have not yet been submitted or approved:


Resolutions which have been rejected: